About Us

About Us

At Jaivik Pure Oil, our journey began with a simple yet profound vision – to deliver the goodness of nature in its purest form to every household. Founded in Hyderabad, our love for authentic, unadulterated products sparked the inception of our brand. We believe in the power of natural ingredients and their ability to enhance well-being, which has been the driving force behind our commitment to crafting products that preserve nature’s essence.

From our range of cold-pressed oils, including groundnut oil, mustard oil, safflower oil, sunflower oil, white sesame oil, black sesame oil, coconut oil, castor oil, flaxseed oil, to our varieties of ghee such as cow ghee, buffalo ghee, and A2 desi cow ghee, each product reflects our dedication to providing premium, natural offerings. Alongside these, we offer a selection of spices, including pure honey, jaggery powder, turmeric powder, chili powder, meticulously sourced and crafted to enhance your culinary experiences.

Our mission is to offer you nothing but the best. We uphold stringent standards to source the finest ingredients, ensuring that every product preserves the richness of nature. Transparency, integrity, and a deep-rooted commitment to your well-being define our values. At Jaivik Pure Oil, we are dedicated to providing products that resonate with purity and goodness, empowering you to make healthier choices for a balanced lifestyle.

Quality is the cornerstone of our brand. From the careful selection of raw materials to the meticulous cold-pressing process, we guarantee products of exceptional quality that retain their natural essence. Our devotion to maintaining high standards throughout the production cycle ensures that each bottle or packet that reaches you reflects our commitment to uncompromising quality.

Meet the passionate individuals behind Jaivik Pure Oil. Our team comprises dedicated experts who share a common zeal for natural products and a commitment to delivering excellence. Each member brings unique expertise and skills, contributing to our collective goal of nurturing and delivering nature’s goodness to your homes.

At Jaivik Pure Oil, we’re not just about products; we’re committed to sustainable practices. We actively engage in environmentally responsible initiatives, striving to contribute positively to the community and the planet. From ethical sourcing practices to eco-friendly packaging, we aim to minimize our environmental footprint while maximizing our positive impact.

Join us in our quest for natural goodness! Explore our range of products and follow us on social media to stay connected and be a part of our journey towards a healthier, more natural lifestyle.

Experience the purity of nature. Shop our range of natural products and join us on the journey towards a healthier lifestyle.

Hear From Our Delighted Customers

5 star | 20 reviews

Nagaraju Kuna
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Absolutely love Jaivik Pure Oil! Their groundnut oil is my go-to for cooking. It's pure, retains the natural flavor, and makes my dishes taste amazing. Highly recommended!
Vinay Lomte
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I've been using Jaivik Pure Oil's black sesame oil for a while now, and it's fantastic! The richness and aroma are unbeatable. Their commitment to quality truly reflects in every drop.
Gadheraju Rohit
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Jaivik Pure Oil's buffalo ghee is top-notch! The taste is unparalleled, and it gives my traditional recipes the authentic flavor I crave. So glad I found this gem!
Rajeswari Kala
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I'm impressed by the quality of Jaivik Pure Oil's products. Their safflower oil and flaxseed oil are staples in my kitchen. The packaging, taste, and purity - all exceptional!
Rohit sanghani
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Using Jaivik Pure Oil's coconut oil has been a game-changer for my hair and skin. It's pure and nourishing. Kudos to their dedication to offering natural solutions!
Safe Steps
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Jaivik Pure Oil's dedication to sustainability is commendable! Their commitment to eco-friendly practices and quality products is why I trust them for my family's health.

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